Vikings roadmap: POL AMM, burn supply, DAO, and more…

Protocol Owned Liquidity AMM

We are launching Vikings DEX.

  • Start offering bonds of the highest trading pairs in AVAX. (AVAX/MIM, AVAX/USDT…)
  • Once liquidity grows enough for trading, release publicly our AMM. Bots, arbitragers and traders can trade on our AMM.
  • We will implement the lowest fees of whole ecosystem for each trading pair, so trading volume is a guarantee provided there's enough liquidity.

VikingsDAO and VAL burns

We are considering scheduling big burns of the $VAL token using DAO funds to support the ecosystem and token sustainability. Removing $VAL tokens from circulation can only be good long-term.


We have a lot more ideas and plans in the roadmap that will be disclosed at due time. This is only the start of our journey. We think there is a lot of room for improvement in this ecosystem and feel confident we are capable of delivering them.

Closing thoughts

We have high hopes that our protocol will succeed. Things don’t always work out as you wish, specially in cryptocurrency markets where many cycles exist. However we expect our future plans to have a positive impact.



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